Ease Of Consumer Use

Mcliff Coffee + Vending is a leader in vending Technology, always searching for the tools that make the buying experience easier and allow us to better service our customers. No matter how good our service is, if a consumer cannot make a purchase nothing else matters. At Mcliff Coffee + Vending we want to make it as easy as possible to make that purchase.

All new equipment set on location is pre-configured to accept $1 and $5 bills, and our higher volume locations can accept up to $20 bills paying back change in $5’s and dollar coin providing convenience without the dreaded pocket full of change.

Optional credit/debit card readers are installed where appropriate providing ease of purchase for those that don’t carry cash.

Account Performance Monitoring

Mcliff Coffee + Vending utilizes Vendwatch Telematics SmartPad-based Handheld reporting devices to upload every visit, record sales, and track inventory and product restocking providing accurate sales reporting. This data assists in efficient and timely route scheduling and assures the appropriate inventory is in stock.

Our Philosophy

Technology is advancing at lightning speed, and it takes a leader to embrace and accept change in order to better provide exceptional service. Through smart technology investments (and a lot of hard work), we’ve grown to become one of the largest independent operators in the state of Texas. We are driven to provide the level of service you expect, and deserve.

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